Study programme

Master Official Degree

Development of Methodological Innovation Projects in Educational Institutions (Berrimet)


60 ETCs

1 or 2 years



Class size

25 places


Basque or Spanish



PDF Catalogue

Study Programme

The curriculum of the Masters degree is structured into three main blocks or modules. The first of them is composed of common subjects. The second offers two tracks: either research, or the management and implementation of innovation in educational institutions or organizations. The third brings together practical work and the Masters thesis.


  Subjects ECTS
PDF Social change and the challenges of education 4
PDF New perspectives in the design and definition of curriculum content 3
PDF Innovation in the teaching-learning processes 5
PDF Innovation in educational resources: Information and Communication Technologies (IKT) 4
PDF Innovation within the culture of the institution and in the working relations and roles of its component parts
PDF Practical work 6
PDF Project 14
  Subjects ECTS
  Research Pathway  
PDF Design of research projects 5
PDF Information skills: Scientific information and management of the bibliography 5
PDF Methodology of quantitative research 5
PDF Methodology of qualitative research 5
  Professional Pathway  
PDF Strategies for change in educational institutions 4
PDF Design and implementation of proposals for innovation in teaching-learning processes 8
PDF Implementation and management of innovation through ICT in educational institutions 4
PDF Reflect on current practice as a tool for continuous improvement 4

Each student must obtain 60 ECTS.