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During the process of completion of the doctoral thesis will be subject to the following administrative-labor conditions:

  • The total gross compensation, for the whole of the 3 years, will be € 56.646,08 * that will be paid in 14 monthly payments for each year according to the following distribution:
Year 1 2 3
Gross compensation (€)* 18.759,64€ 18.759,64€ 19.126,80€

*Course reference 22/23.

For the development of the doctoral thesis, the person selected in each offer will have a fixed-term employment contract, signed with Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa (MGEP), which will cover with annual renewals the period stipulated for obtaining the doctor degree.

  • The duration of the Doctorate studies will be a maximum of 3 years full-time, or 5 years in case of part-time dedication, from the admission of the doctorate to the program until the presentation of the doctoral thesis.
  • EPS-MU, in addition to the agreed salary, will assume to your account the costs of doctorate that are detailed below::
    • The costs of the registration fee and fees derived from the Doctorate Program.
    • The costs of diverse materials that, where appropriate, may be necessary in the context of the thesis experimentation phase, as well as the use of scientific and singular equipment.
    • The assistance to the complementary training that the Group of I + T could estimate pertinent.
    • The costs of accommodation and qualification of the computer and furniture means appropriate to the work to be done and other possible general costs associated with the doctorate process (considered as indirect costs).


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