Cooperative university


Created in 1997 and officially recognised by Law 4/1997 of 30th May.

The University was created by the association of three educational cooperatives, with the guarantee of an extensive career and experience in the world of education, these were Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa “Jose Mª Arizmendiarrieta” S.Coop., ETEO S.Coop. and Irakasle Eskola S.Coop., which nowadays constitute the University’s two Faculties and School:

In 2011 one mor Faculty is added to MONDRAGON UNIVERSITY, the Culinary Science Faculty - Basque Culinary Center

Social vocation

At Mondragon University we have a commitment towards social transformation, which is specified in our participatory model.

We are a cooperative university, which belongs to the MONDRAGON Corporation, with a clear human vocation and a commitment to our environment, our society and our time.

Our teaching model involves a system of relationships which, with the educational system as the central theme, aims to involve the companies and institutions, in order to guarantee social accessibility, the combination of work and study, the development of research and the provision of Continuing Education.

A singular, unique, committed university

Innovation, tradition, universality, creativity, dynamism, research, reliability, closeness, connection with the outside, a wide-ranging look.

These are some of the attributes that define Mondragon University, a practical, real and committed university, centred around the development of people, oriented to the needs of the company and society, and conceived to meet the challenges of the real world, where knowledge and its application have no limits.

A university that is based on pillars that make it unique, different, and singular:

  • The certainty of being a university with signs of identity and a project that not only make it different, but also unique and authentic.
  • The tradition of a philosophy and idiosyncrasy of its own, with a particular and unique way of being, intervening, and leading in the present and the future.
  • The commitment to the cooperative values of Mondragon (sustainable development, wealth distribution, social transformation, etc.), comprising true axes on which its raison d’être is based, as well as its academic, training and transformative project.
  • The determination for the generation of knowledge and the training of the people who are going to stand out in the company of the future, being connected to both the local and international areas.
  • The ambition to transform society, with better-trained and more capable people and society, contributing to the transformation of the business fabric and of society itself.
  • The vocation to promote the social, cultural and economic development of the country and the competitiveness of companies and organisations.
  • The link with the local environment (Euskal Herria) and with its own identity and personality in the form of a commitment to the language, culture, history and quality of life of its people, integrating the international perspective, with an open look to the changes that occur abroad and with the ability to establish alliances and incorporate trends from other places.

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