Working at Mondragon University

“Mondragon Unibertsitatea allows me to face the professional challenges of the future as a team and with a shared objective"
"At Mondragon Unibertsitatea I can work on international projects with other entities".
"The dynamic and multidisciplinary environment allows me to cooperate on ambitious technological challenges"
"Working in Mondragon unibertsitatea allows me to combine suach as teaching and research"
"Great opportunity to address the scientific challenges associated with the ecological and digital transition"
"Working at Mondragon University allows me to collaborate closely with the Mondragon group of cooperatives".
"I have the opportunity to design my professional career and to evolve personally"
"I have the opportunity to design my professional career and to evolve personally"
"I have the opportunity to draw a more human side of economics and entrepreneurship"
"I have been able to deepen and train professionally in different aspects and develop as a researcher"

If I had to choose, ¡Mondragon Unibertsitatea!


Create prepare and dream at Mondragon Unibertsitatea. Because we are a place where you can be yourlself and feel part of a great project. You will be pillar of our strength, learning, researching, growing and improving together on a daily basis. As living is choosing, why don¡t you choose us?

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Together, ¡Mondragon Unibertsitatea!

We built this university among many people, but each one leaving his or her mark. To work here is to choose a way of life. It is sharing, learning, reasearching and creating together. It is living together, uniting people who seek the same objetive, growing as a collective to jointly create something greater and more plural. Because cooperation is value of each and every one of us, be Mondragon Unibertsitatea!


Develop, ¡Mondragon Unibertsitatea!

Mondragon Unibertsitatea advocates continuous learning: we learn from the world, from our enviroment and from each other. We turn every small daily challenge into a great result for the future. Here, among all the options, you will have the opportunity to discover what is yours in order to grow as a person and as a professional. At Mondragon Unibertsitatea we are entrepreneurs, because every day is different and we turn change into an opportunity. Be Mondragon Unibertsitatea!



Transform, ¡Mondragon Unibertsitatea!

Because we are building the future. We are people who are and feel capable of transforming society.

Our commitment to others is reflected in our cooperation, because it is a responsibility inherent to our character. At Mondragon Unibertsitatea, starting from our roots and our culture, we will open up to the world. Be Mondragon Unibertsitatea!



Innovate, ¡Mondragon Unibertsitatea!

We are cooperativists, our roots identify us. We create new work tools and we are always ready and willing to seek solutions to society's challenges. Here you will develop your creativity, apply new methodologies and be part of transforming company, have the courage to look beyond, be Mondragon Unibertsitatea!



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