Testimonies Faculty of Business Studies

"Working at Mondragon Unibertsitatea gives me the opportunity to influence the Basque educational system"
"I have the opportunity to draw a more human side of economics and entrepreneurship"
"In MU we are a team: mutual support, we complement each other, and move forward together to generate maximum value"
"Working at Mondragon Unibertsitatea allows me to contribute with and for the Basque community"
"The Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences is a place of personal development"

Work in Enpresagintza

"At Mondragon University I have the opportunity to design my own career. We combine very different activities, from management to teaching, research or knowledge transfer to organisations. This diversity pushes us to face and address the daily challenges we face, and to evolve out of our comfort zone. Every day is a learning experience, I am lucky to participate in different teams surrounded by colleagues with a lot of knowledge and experience, even from different specialities, who contribute a lot to my professional and personal development".

Patricia Iturritza - People Development

"At For me it is very important to have a profession that is compatible with my criteria: I feel it is a way of showing respect for myself and my environment, and MU gives me the opportunity to do it. I see my profession as a tool to draw a more human aspect of economics and entrepreneurship. In fact, the most natural way to make changes is from inside to outside, which is what MU allows: first to develop as a person, then to build the group character by taking care of each other, and finally to transmit those models and values to the students who are going to lead our future companies, among other things. Working at MU is also a constant transformation that allows you to know yourself, to work on your capacity and creativity to face the different challenges that arise on a daily basis and, why not, to surprise yourself. So, if you want to connect your profession and your activism to build a more humane and sustainable world, join our team!".

Agurtzane Lekuona - Teacher and Researcher

"At Those of us who work at MU have it fully internalised that our professional development grows exponentially when it is enriched by generous and diverse colleagues, who open their eyes and inspire. For this reason, I am happy to work in a place where the team is so important because decisions are made by listening to everyone and reaching agreements".

Belen Muñiz Villanueva - Teacher and Researcher