Online training


Mondragon University offers studies in online modality with the aim of adapt to the social demands and the need for new professional profiles. The university has applied its experience of recent years and its own methodology of study to the information and communication technologies, so you can enjoy all the advantages that offers the online learning, with all the guarantee that offers Mondragon University.

In the Online study we can distinguish two modalities: the 100% online modality and the blended modality.

The online training is characterized, unlike face-to-face training, by transcend the borders of time and space. It is important to emphasize that this characteristic, added to the high level of autonomy of the participants, allows to adjust the studies to the pace of each one, because that makes it possible to carry out the learning in any place and time. Moreover, studies of online modality require a greater self-demand and a better management of time. Due to this, with the objective of getting a greater performance of the course, throughout the learning process you will rely on the guidance and support of the coordinator of the course and the tutor (expert in the subject).
The design of the online course is also realized taking into account the characteristics referred above. To help you in these aspects (autonomy and time management) in each subject or course you will have a guide (in which are detailed the tutor, skills, objectives, activities, timetable, synchronous sessions if any, etc.), and in each unit a file summary (in which you will find the description of the unit, the start and end dates, the materials used, the estimated time for work and the way in which you will receive the feedback.