Governing bodies


  • Rector: Vicente Atxa
  • Academic Vice-Rector: Jon Altuna
  • General Secretary and Administrative Director: Idoia Peñacoba



The General Assembly is attended by all members, who meet to discuss and make agreements on matters within their powers; it is presided over by the President of the Control Committee.

It is attended by a total of 30 representatives from the cooperatives/members, representatives of the working members of the Cooperative and representatives of the collaborating members.


The Governing Board is the Cooperative’s representation, governing and management body and it has the powers to establish the Cooperative’s General Guidelines.

It is composed of 17 assigned members, three of which cover the posts of President, Vice-President and Secretary. The meetings are also attended by the Rector and General Secretary of the University.



The Executive Board has the general role of advising the Control Committee on the administration and management of the University, as well as covering all other functions conferred to it by the University’s Statutes. It is formed by the Rector, who presides over the Committee, the Vice-Rector, the Managing Directors of the member centres, the General Secretary, the Administrative Director and the Managing Directors of the associated Research Centres.


  • President: Mr. Mikel Álvarez Yeregui
  • Vice-President: Mrs. Mª Asun Sarrionandia Ariznabarreta
  • Secretary: Mrs. Amaia Pavón Arrizabalaga
  • Spokespersons:
    • Mr. Aitor Bediaga Escudero
    • Mr. Egoitz Arruti Monasterio
    • Mr. Josetxo de Frutos Bacones
    • Mr. Igor Ortega Sunsundegui
    • Mr. Zigor Ezpeleta Alberdi
    • Mrs. Ainhoa Fernández Ortiz
    • Mrs. María Ubarretxena Cid
  • Rector: Mr. Vicente Atxa
  • General Secretary: Mrs. Idoia Peñacoba
  • Rector: Mr. Vicente Atxa
  • Academic Vice-Rector: Mr. Jon Altuna
  • Director of the Faculty of Engineering: Mr. Carlos García
  • Dean of the Faculty of Business Studies: Mr. Lander Beloki
  • Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Education: Mrs. Begoña Pedrosa
  • Director of the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences - Basque Culinary Center: Mr. Jose Mari Aizega
  • General Secretary and Administrative Director: Mrs. Idoia Peñacoba