Why choose mondragon university

CHARACTERISTICS OF Mondragon University

Mondragon University is a practical university immersed in entrepreneurial reality. A university that offers a training and learning experience that combines the educational and research needs of companies, organisations, and society.

A university aimed at people to whom concepts such as solidarity, cooperation, social justice, equality and sharing are important. People who are searching for unique experiences, who yearn for transformation, with a distinct personality, who are restless, entrepreneurial and innovative and wish to design and take control of their own future, chart their own path, set goals for themselves, and overcome challenges.

A university with a reliable and high-quality educational proposal, equipped with state-of-the-art technological facilities potentially capable of anticipating future changes. A university that combines training, research and transfer with the vocation to guide all its activities in order to improve the competitive position of companies and organisations.

A university moored in cooperative values and ideals, founded on an innovative and distinct educational model that exports to the entire world and works through its own network.

A university committed to the future of individuals from a long-term, dynamic, creative, world-embracing perspective with an international focus and local anchoring. A university that knows how to identify trends and forestall future challenges using a flexible and streamlined

Learning From Reality