Learning model

Mendeberri Educational Model


With regard to changes that have occurred and the needs that have arisen in enterprises and institutions Mondragon University set up the Mendeberri educational project, a project that is focussed on the continuous improvement in order to respond to the continuous change that society is immersed in.

Mendeberri is aimed at the personal, social and professional training of people to make them capable of facing the professional challenges of the future and their personal and citizen development.

Consequently, the model is based on 6 anchors as objectives to be obtained by Mondragon University graduates:

  • Citizen of the world: Someone who knows her/his roots and feels like a citizen of the world, being concerned with its problems and showing a cooperative attitude of social responsibility and mutual learning.
  • Identity and personal goals: Knowledge of oneself and one’s possibilities of improvement, delineating personal challenges and pursuing them actively to achieve an increasingly free and independent identity.
  • Flexible learner: Open to change and innovation, creative, and provided with vision and a resilient attitude towards possible uncertain contexts.
  • Active learner: A protagonist of one’s process and knowledgeable about his/her learning strategies, showing a proactive attitude throughout life.
  • Communicator and facilitator of communication: Someone who knows different languages, technologies and means of communication that enables her/him to communicate with people from different cultures in order to understand and face complex and diverse challenges.
  • To be a co-operative person: Feels a member of a community and assuming its principles and values. It puts the common good before the individual good and works for social transformation for the sake of justice and dignity of the people.


The purpose of the project is to educate persons who accept their own training, work in teams, lead projects, make decisions, negotiate and communicate.
To educate this profile of persons it will be essential to change the classical model of education to one that promotes its own autonomy; since the classic model is based on the mere transmission of knowledge and it is the teacher who monopolizes all the protagonism. In order to take a qualitative leap, we look at the student from a more integral perspective: we talk about persons and education based on life skills and long life skills and competencies.

Taking into account the six anchors on which the new educational project of Mondragon University (Mendeberri 2025) is based, the pedagogical framework has been developed whose objective is to offer the basic pedagogical references in order to facilitate the development of competencies related to these 6 anchors:

Download the Book Mendeberri 2025: Pedagogical Framework


The new university learning culture focuses on the change of perspective that transits from a pedagogy of teaching in closed and predictable contexts, to a pedagogy of learning in open contexts and to an "uncertain" future application of said learning. This model of education becomes essential in order to educate young people to learn throughout their lives. The basic elements of the university curriculum of this model are:

  1. Education based on the development of competencies;
  2. The relevance of the educational context;
  3. Implementation of active methodologies;
  4. Interdisciplinarity;
  5. Design of assessment systems that are in line with the development of competencies;
  6. The change in the role of teachers and students;
  7. Personalisation of learning;
  8. Digitisation.