Active learner





Definition of the axis of the educational model


Controls his/her learning process and assumes that he/she must learn throughout life. The student practices self-knowledge from the very beginning in order to set his/her learning objectives, employing adequate learning strategies to do so. Develops self-regulation mechanisms (metacognition and deep learning strategies) and demonstrates curiosity and an entrepreneurial attitude towards new learning (internal motivation). That is, a professional in self-managing one’s learning.

For this, the role of the university is essential, as it is a support for the active student throughout his/her life.


This area will focus on the personal management of learning, bearing in mind the various elements that constitute it. On the one hand, management of information: synthesising correctly a large amount of accessible information and using it correctly to know how to select what is most appropriate for the interests of each one and be capable of taking and sharing decisions.

On the other hand, continuous learning: each stage in life offers us different learning, all of it important, and knowing how to take advantage of this learning is a necessary tool. In addition, it is fundamental that people are prepared for continuous training and change, and Mondragon University will act as a pillar, providing opportunities to assist people to learn and improve throughout life. This life-long learning includes concepts such as that of learning to learn and to unlearn, and it is necessary to command and know how to use adequate techniques and strategies that help us confront new things and that lead to success. For this reason it is also important to unlearn, to change traditional learning, to learn new things.

To accomplish this active learner it is necessary to do a follow-up of the learning process developed and not base oneself on the results. This is how new possibilities can emerge. There is no reason to begin a degree and finish it in a set time frame.



Learning was undertaken at a specific stage in life, following the pace of the teachers and the study techniques.

  • 4 consecutive years
  • One started at age 18 and finished at 22.
  • Techniques defined by the teachers.
  • The same pace throughout the course.
  • Based on results.


Studies are undertaken when one wants or needs, with techniques adapted to the pace of each individual and to suit each one.

  • Undefined number of years.
  • You learn when you want or when you can
  • Techniques tailored for each learner
  • Each one at his/her own pace.
  • Based on the learning process.