Testimonies Humanities and Education Sciences

“Mondragon Unibertsitatea allows me to face the professional challenges of the future as a team and with a shared objective"
"At Mondragon Unibertsitatea I can work on international projects with other entities".
"The dynamic and multidisciplinary environment allows me to cooperate on ambitious technological challenges"
"Working in Mondragon unibertsitatea allows me to combine suach as teaching and research"
"Great opportunity to address the scientific challenges associated with the ecological and digital transition"

Work in Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences


Itxaro Juaristi Olaechea - Academic Services

"Working in the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences has allowed me to strengthen my personal and professional skills, solving projects as a team, working together and learning from each other."


Eneko Bidegain Aire - Teacher and Researcher

"Working in the Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences at Mondragon Unibertsitatea allows me to contribute with and for the Basque community because we train future agents in the areas of Basque communication and teaching, because our research work seeks to respond to the challenges of the Basque language, Basque culture and the Basque people."


Ibane Kapelastegi Osoro - Teacher

"Working at the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences at Mondragon Unibertsitatea offers me the opportunity to continue learning, to develop personally and professionally, and to face the future. To do this, we collaborate at all times with educational centers and communities in order to influence the Basque educational system and train future Basque-speaking and committed teachers."


Aritz Kanpandegi Berrotaran - Teacher and Researcher

“Working at the LANKI Institute of Co-operative Research at Mondragon University allows me to collaborate closely with the Mondragon group of cooperatives. As members of this cooperative ecosystem, we have an enormous challenge to get to know their needs and make contributions, both from training and transfer, and from applied research. I value the opportunity that this job offers me to get to know this cooperative reality up close. I firmly believe that the cooperatives in our environment have another way of 'doing business', with a vocation to respond to social and business challenges from different bases and values”.


Amaia Biain Bidarte - Functional analyst

"Mondragon Unibertsitatea me permite afrontar los retos profesionales del futuro en equipo y con un objetivo compartido, tomando como base el carácter cooperativo, el trabajo en equipo y el compromiso, promoviendo la transformación y mejora continua del proyecto educativo".


Amaia Lersundi - Teacher and Researcher

"Mondragon Unibertsitatea allows me to face the professional challenges of the future as a team and with a shared objective, based on cooperation, teamwork and commitment, promoting the transformation and continuous improvement of the educational project".