Study programme

Official Degree

Master's Degree in Gastronomic Sciences



2 years


Donostia - San Sebastián (Basque Culinary Center)

Class size

20 places


Spanish, English



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Study Programme

The Master's syllabus gives the student global competences complemented by a period of external internships in which the latter will develop a Master's final project.


  • C: Comlpulsory
  • Master: Master Thesis


1st Year • 1st Semester

  Subject Type ECTS
PDF Product and service design C 6
PDF Research Methodology in gastronomy C 6
PDF Statistics applied to R & D C 6
PDF New business models in the HORECA sector C 6
PDF Sensory perception C 6
  Total   30


1st Year • 2nd Semester

  Subject Type ECTS
PDF Project management in gastronomy C 6
PDF Development of new business management models C 6
PDF Design and architecture of dishes and menus C 6
PDF Sociocultural effects of trends in gastronomy C 6
PDF Knowledge transfer C 6
  Total   30


2nd Year • 3rd Semester

  Subject Type ECTS
  Work Experience C 15
  Master Thesis MT 15
  Total   30


Master Thesis

During the second year of the Master, the student will develop during a minimum of 5 months (30 ECTS) a final Master's project in a company, technological center or R & D unit of a university with the support and direction of both teachers of the Faculty as tutors of the company. This stay will allow the student to know and experience the gastronomic and food reality of first level by developing real projects.