Teaching-learning process

Official Degree

Master's Degree in Gastronomic Sciences



2 years


Donostia - San Sebastián (Basque Culinary Center)

Class size

20 places





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Project based learning for the Master's in Gastronomic Sciences

The Master's in Gastronomic Sciences has the students and their personal, social and professional training at the centre of its teaching methodology. It is an essentially practical model based on skills that will help you to resolve the challenges and projects that you will be faced with throughout the Master's programme. This learning methodology will help you to assimilate the knowledge and skills that you will develop during the degree and will provide you with the necessary work experience to follow your career as a gastronomic sciences professional.

From the very beginning, your learning will be based on practical projects. You will have to face challenges launched by renowned companies or professionals from the world of gastronomyand food, such as creating new food products or researching satiation.

In this way, you will be able to apply the knowledge acquired in real environments and get to know your future profession at first-hand.

You will also have the opportunity to attend seminars, practical workshops, conferences and master classes given by experts from outside the university who work in leading companies.

Benefits of project-based learning

Taking the lead in your learning

You will master the tools to search for and assimilate the information and knowledge necessary to develop your skills in the field of gastronomic sciences.

Projects that are 100% real

The real projects proposed by gastronomy and food related companies will allow you to know the realities of your future profession and the challenges ahead.


Project Manager

During the Master's, you will have the support and guidance of a university tutor, as well as the inspiration and creativity provided by professionals in the field of gastronomy, who will help you meet your challenges.

We get results

You will acquire the highest level of knowledge in the field of gastronomy, food and culinary sciences, but we also want you to be able to apply it in real situations.