Objectives and competences

Official Degree

Master's Degree in Gastronomic Sciences



2 years


Donostia - San Sebastián (Basque Culinary Center)

Class size

20 places





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Specialise in research in the gastronomic sector for the development of new products and services

The way we understand gastronomy has changed. It has become a strategic sector linked to innovation and technology that is setting the trends for the future of food, catering and the culinary world. A new scenario in which you can play an important role because this master's degree will provide you with the skills you need for:


Product development

You will obtain advanced scientific-technological skills that will allow you to develop new products and create coherent and innovative proposals in the gastronomy, food and catering sector.


Innovative strategies

You will analyse the trends in the gastronomic sector and develop innovative strategies and work methodologies in the technological or professional field of the food industry, technology centres, gastronomic establishments or the hotel and catering sector.


Research Projects

You will be able to participate in research projects and scientific-technological collaborations within the thematic area, in interdisciplinary settings in the food, gastronomy and catering sector.



Project and team management

You will be able to find the most effective solution to problems in new environments, through appropriate management of both research/innovation and financial resources, at a restaurant and food industry level.


Effective communication

You will develop the skills to transfer to the sector the knowledge generated in scientific and technological research or the most advanced field of innovation, through clear and effective communication.



Requirements for studying Gastronomic Sciences

If you already have a university degree in one of these fields:

  •   Gastronomy
  •   Nutrition
  •   Food technology
  •   Biochemistry
  •   Pharmacy
  •   Food product and process innovation
  •   Biology


  •   Chemistry
  •   Environmental sciences
  •   Anthropology
  •   Applied sociology
  •   Biotechnology
  •   Business management and administration


And you can identify with these statements:

  •   I am passionate about the world of cuisine
  •   I'm good at science
  •   I am interested in innovation and experimentation


  •   I like new technologies
  •   I am interested in the culinary world
  •   I am a creative person


The Master's in Gastronomic Sciences is probably the best choice for you and will open the doors to a sector with a very high employment rate.


Requirements for admission to Gastronomic Sciences


Gastronomic Sciences Subjects

  • Design of products and services
  • Research methodology in gastronomy
  • Applied statistics for R&D
  • New business models in the Hotel and Catering sector
  • Sensory perception
  • Project management in gastronomy
  • Development of new business management models
  • Design and architecture of dishes and menus
  • Socio-cultural effects of trends in gastronomy
  • Knowledge transfer

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Job opportunities linked to the master's

  • Teaching and research in food, gastronomy and culinary arts.
  • Technical departments for the development of new food products.
  • Technical production departments of food companies.
  • Research or technological centres in the food sector.
  • R&D&I departments in companies in the food and catering industry.
  • Professional or innovation consultancy in the gastronomy and food sector.

Professional opportunities of the Master's