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Master's Degree in Gastronomic Sciences



2 years


Donostia - San Sebastián (Basque Culinary Center)

Class size

20 places





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Requirements to study Gastronomic Sciences

In order to practice this profession, it is recommended that before deciding to study it, you should identify yourself with the following statements:



I am passionate about the gastronomic world and whenever I can I spend time cooking.


I care about food and I like to try new products and flavours.



I am a very creative person and I am good at offering alternative solutions.


I love to sample, experiment and innovate in the world of gastronomy.



I like to see how science can improve gastronomy and food.


Do you relate to these statements? Then the Gastronomic Sciences Master's Degree is for you.

You can enter this master's degree course from various routes:

I have studied a University Degree

You will be admitted to this master's degree if you are a graduate in any of the following disciplines:

  •   Gastronomy
  •   Nutrition
  •   Food technology
  •   Biochemistry*
  •   Pharmacy*
  •   Food product and process innovation
  •   Biology*


  •   Chemistry*
  •   Environmental sciences*
  •   Anthropology*
  •   Applied sociology*
  •   Biotechnology*
  •   Business management and administration*


*You will receive additional training in some specific areas.

If you have a university qualification in another discipline and would like to take the Master's in Culinary Science, please contact Idoia Elizalde by calling 943 574 500 or send an email to


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Admission Process



Inscription and Enrolment


Linguistic requirements


20 Places


Subjects of the Master's Degree

Throughout the Master's programme, you will acquire the necessary knowledge to become a professional in the Gastronomic Sciences:

  • Design of products and services
  • Research methodology in gastronomy
  • Applied statistics for R&D
  • New business models in the Hotel and Catering sector
  • Sensory perception
  • Project management in gastronomy
  • Development of new business management models
  • Design and architecture of dishes and menus
  • Socio-cultural effects of trends in gastronomy
  • Knowledge transfer
See all the subjects of the Master's in Gastronomic Sciences


Linguistic requirements

Atendiendo a la política lingüística de la Facultad de Gastronomía, los alumnos deberán presentar un nivel B1 en inglés.

Due to the fact that the Gastronomic Sciences Master's Degree classes will be given in Spanish and English, students must prove that they have a DELE B2 level in Spanish and B2 level in English.

Language Read Speak Write
Spanish B2 B2 B2
English B2 B2 B2


About the Basque, Spanish or English language requirements