Teaching-learning process

Official Degree

Master Degree in Strategic Management of People's Talent - MTALENT



1,5 years


Oñati, Bilbao, Barcelona


Spanish, English



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Learning methodology based on real challenges for the Master's degree in Strategic Talent Management of People

the Master's degree in Strategic Talent Management of People, different companies will present you with real talent management challenges they are currently facing and you'll have to come up with a solution for them. Companies from different sectors and with different characteristics have recently participated in #Mtalent_mu, such as IKEA, Forum Sport, Eroski or ULMA, among others. 

In this way, together with a working team, you will have to develop added value proposals, designing strategies, methodologies, processes and actions for each of the different phases of an individual's life cycle in an organisation. 

By solving these real-life projects, you will have the opportunity to get familiar with how a company works from the inside. This will enable you to develop the competences and skills needed to manage personal and working relationships in the company. This way, you will be able to maximise the productivity and talent of the people who make up the organisation.

Furthermore, during each of these challenges, you will take part in seminars, practical workshops, congresses and masterclasses given by experts from outside the university who work in leading companies.



Advantages of challenge-based learning

Be responsible for your learning

You will build your learning by researching, identifying and contrasting problems and solutions to assimilate the necessary knowledge and skills that will enable you to lead the talent management of the people who make up the organisation.

100% real challenges

The real company challenges will allow you to work and establish relationships with specialists and experts from different sectors of the business world, which will allow you to get to know the reality of your future profession first hand.


Cooperative learning

You will share experiences and exchange knowledge as part of a multidisciplinary team to develop solutions to challenges, creating spaces for communication and fostering interpersonal relationships.

We get results

You will connect with the real world and get involved in the creation of useful proposals, reaching a deeper understanding of concepts, developing your creativity and fostering your critical spirit.


“It is one of the challenges that has brought us most down to earth in terms of talent management. We have worked within the people development phase on a redesign of performance management which has made us realise how complex it is to put each person in the best place for themselves and for the organisation".

Iraitz Solabarrieta
Student of the Mater's degree in Strategic Talent Management of People