Teaching-learning process

Official Degree

Master Degree in Strategic Management of People's Talent - MTALENT



1,5 years


Oñati, Bidasoa-Irún, BBF-Bilbao


Spanish, English



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Cooperation and practical knowledge are the hallmarks of studying at the Mondragon University Business School. Because of that, we coordinate the combined efforts of professional professors and teaching professionals from other institutions, such as universities, consulting firms, companies, cooperatives, and use real cases and active methodologies in our classes.

We provide practical skills based training. 

Some things that set this master's programme apart are:

  • A methodology based in real challenges faced at companies and organisations in our environment that students must find solutions for.
  • Study trips to Madrid and Barcelona to become acquainted with real organisation and business situations for personal and talent management.
  • Promotion team made up of companies that collaborate on designing, updating, developing, follow through, and more, of the master's degree.
  • Real practical business/organisational experience through a long term stay for doing internships and an end of degree project.
  • Participation of professional speakers who are recognised within the field of talent management in companies and organisations.
  • Personal development accompanied by a coaching professional throughout the entire duration of the programme.
  • Continuous evaluation during the entire learning process.