Mobility and internationalization

Official Degree

Master Degree in Strategic Management of People's Talent - MTALENT



1,5 years


Oñati, Bidasoa-Irún, BBF-Bilbao


Spanish, English



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International Experience

Through our programme, our students can do their projects at universities, companies or research centres abroad.

If students do their project in Europe, the visits are done through the Erasmus Estudio programme in universities or the Erasmus Internships programme in companies. If projects are done outside Europe, they are done through the University-Company Agreement, employment contracts or bilateral agreements.

Projects in European universities are covered by the Erasmus Estudio programme, while projects in European companies or research centres are covered by the Erasmus Internships programme. Outside Europe, if projects are done in a university they're done through bilateral agreements and if they're done in a company it's through a University-Company Agreement,

With the Erasmus Estudio and Internship programme, in addition to the Erasmus grant and the supplement from the Ministry of Education,students can also receive travel assistance from the Basque Government.

Outside Europe, students who go to foreign universities can only apply for the grant given by the Basque Government through bilateral agreements.

With the Company-University Agreement, in addition to being eligible to apply for the travel grant from the Basque Government, students receive a grant paid for by the company.