A company experience

Official Degree

Master Degree in Strategic Management of People's Talent - MTALENT



1,5 years


Oñati, Bidasoa-Irún, BBF-Bilbao


Spanish, English



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A company experience


A company experience

Practices and real projects in companies.


Completely immerse yourself in an authentic experience of your future career. We can give you many elements of the learning process from the business world where you can develop your future skills in managing personal talent.

Put yourself in their shoes

Learn while developing yourself through confronting real challenges that collaborating businesses present us with. You are invited to feel part of a team that will find a solution to the challenge that will bring you closer to the role of a personal management professional.

Talk with professionals

Listen, explore and talk with management professional who will share vision, perspectives and experiences, etc. to move forward in your learning process. We can provide you with a network of collaborators who will share their expertise with us.

Eugenio Astigarraga Echebarria

Profesor del Máster en Desarrollo y Gestión de proyectos Innovacion Didáctico-Metodológico.

Lander Beloki Mendizabal

Decano de Facultad de Empresariales, Mondragon Unibertsitatea.


Nerea Zamacola Garate

Directora de Relaciones Laborales de ADEGI.

David Sanchez Bote

Coordinador de Investigación y Transferencia en Gestión en Mondragon Unibertsitatea.


Now's the time

Take your talent to where the action is so everything you are learning can materialize in a real business context. For those ends, we can provide you with specialised projects and internships in companies.