Students who want to spend time abroad should fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Notes: For Degree students the results of the 1st and 2nd year will be taken into consideration and for Master degree students the results of the first semester.
  2. Foreign language level: Students will have to verify the language level, presenting an official certificate or by doing a test (English, French or German).
  3. The overall performance of the student and a general assessment will be taken into consideration.

Apart from the requirements listed above, the student will have to fulfil the following academic requirements while abroad:

  • Complete dedication for the duration of the project both Degree (TFG) and Master (TFM).


Procedure to follow in order to participate:

  • Fill out the survey of preferences from Mudle. Each degree will have its own link.
  • Upload a Motivation letter (in English) to Mudle.
  • Upload your CV (in English) to Mudle.
  • If you have an official certificate of a foreign language  upload the document to Mudle (English, French, or German).
  • In the event of not possessing a language certificate, a language test will be carried out on students in those languages for which they have indicated they have a knowledge of.
    • Students in the Arrasate Campus: in the academy Mondragon Lingua.
    • Students at Orona-Ideo: on the same campus of Orona-Ideo, in classrooms to be prepared expressly for the tests.
    • Students at Goierri: on the same campus of Goierri, in classrooms to be prepared expressly for the tests.
  • Once the lists of those selected have been published, students will have to accept or reject the place.

Procedure to follow once selected:

  • Information briefing in Arrasate.
  • Information briefing of the TFM.
  • Processing the application abroad and completing procedures for grants.
  • Last information briefing and distribution of documentation  before travelling abroad.