Iberinsa programme


The Iberinsa programme is a bilingual, culturally diverse programme. Thanks to this programme the students have the opportunity to obtain the dual diploma in order to be able to work in the future in France and Spanish-speaking countries. It is a six-year programme and the student obtains the engineering degree from INSA TOULOUSE and university degree from Spain.

Students who participate in the programme will receive specific studies in a group comprising 12 French students and 12 Spanish students. During the first year, students will follow a general programme and as from the second year they will be able to choose among the following specialisations:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automatic control and Electronics
  • Computer science and Networks
  • Chemical Engineering


The programme lasts six years divided between Spain and France.




1 X -
2 - X
3 X -
4 X -
5 - X
6 - X

For students who want to study in Mondragon University but do not know Basque, another alternative is proposed.





1 X -
2 X -
3 - MU
4 X -
5 / First semester X -
5 / Second semester - MU
6 - MU

Language courses

Students who do not know French will have the opportunity to do an intensive course before commencing their studies.

  • Each student will be responsible for the cost of the course.
  • The first year, Iberinsa students who are not French citizens will study French as their first foreign language and English as the second foreign language.

Type of admission

For students who have undertaken their studies in Spain:Payment of the enrolment fee will be done directly in the Spanish university. 

Admission and enrolment

For students holding the French "Baccalaureate” certificate:Enrolment will be done via the portal “post-bac” and the corresponding expenses will be paid in INSA. 

INSA Toulouse

Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse (INSA), is a Public Engineering School. This school has two main functions: on the one hand, to instruct engineers through continuous preparation and on the other, develop research activities.

Mondragon University

Mondragon University is a cooperative university which forms part of the Mondragon group and is committed to the environment, society and time. The characteristics of the study model are as follows: preparation based on competences, direct relation between students and teachers, team work, continuous evaluation, practical training in enterprises and institutions, latest innovations, entrepreneurship and international training.

Jaume I - Castellón

The university Jaume I of Castellon is a public university. The university offers flexible and competitive study programmes and syllabi, ensuring the professional and personal autonomy of the students and opening doors to their integration in the labour market.


To obtain more precise information about the Iberinsa programme, download the following PDF. 


IBERINSA programme

Frantzia-Espainiar titulazio bikoitzeko nazioarteko ikasketa programa.