Objectives and competences

Official Degree

Graduate in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts


240 ECTS

4 years


Donostia - San Sebastián (Basque Culinary Center)

Class size

100 places


Spanish, English



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Work in any area of the gastronomic sector at the highest level

You will be able to design, implement and supervise both companies and high-level culinary processes and services, whether you are managing a restaurant or a company in the food and gastronomy sector.

You will learn in a unique environment with an exclusive methodology that is based on learning through the development of projects. In this way, you will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in real environments, getting to know the profession first-hand right from the start of your studies.

Once you graduate, you will have the necessary qualifications and experience to use techniques and tools that will allow you to innovate in the world of gastronomy by developing new products, services and businesses. Thus you will be capable of the following:


Preparation techniques

You will know how to identify the best food preparation techniques to use with a specific product and to create a recipe.


Business management

You will be able to manage restaurants or kitchens and coordinate the teams, controlling the quality of work and the sustainability of the business.


Menu design and planning

You will be able to create new gastronomic dishes, experimenting with raw materials and processes and applying quality criteria.



Customer Service

Identifying and assessing the use of innovative practices in customer service in order to create a more complete and quality gastronomic service.


Team management

Identify and apply techniques for the management and coordination of teams of people and equipment in restaurants or other settings specific to the sector.


Process management

Identify and apply management tools and techniques for the various processes, taking into account customer focus, business profitability and current regulations.



Sustainable catering

Carry out analyses of the economic and financial viability of restaurant organisations, which guarantee the quality of the service offered and their sustainability.


Culinary trends

Identify the main trends in national and international gastronomic culture, recognising opportunities for innovation that will allow new ideas to be developed.


Viable businesses

Define and develop an innovative proposal for a viable and sustainable business in the gastronomic field, or incorporate improvements to the existing ones.



Product development

Identify and analyse the stages of the design and development process of new gastronomic products, concepts and services.


Gastronomic consultancy

Participate in the design and implementation of consultancy projects in the field of gastronomy, acting in a systematic, professional and rigorous manner.


Science and gastronomy

Apply scientific methods in gastronomic projects regarding the products, technology, consumer behaviour and trends.



Competition monitoring

Design and maintain a monitoring system to keep up to date and identify requirements and opportunities in the field of gastronomy.


Effective communication

Effectively use different means of communication to receive and assess as well as to generate and transmit information related to the sector.


Training and dissemination

Developing dissemination and training activities that demonstrate the results of the work carried out using a range of training tools and supports.



Requirements for studying the Degree

  •   I am passionate about the world of cuisine
  •   I have always loved cooking
  •   I am a dynamic, curious and creative person
  •   I have initiative, I am hard working and I am self-taught


  •   I am a problem solver
  •   I have communication skills and I am an outgoing person
  •   I have leadership skills


This degree is for you if you identify with these statements. You're going to love it.


Entry requirements for the Degree in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts


Degree Subjects

  • Culinary production systems and processes
  • Food physicochemistry
  • Design of innovative culinary techniques and processes
  • Sommelier
  • International cuisine
  • Introduction to gastronomic research and innovation/li>
  • Design and gastronomy
  • Restaurant management
  • New culinary trends
  • Advanced products and techniques
  • New trends and innovation in service processes

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Career opportunities for the Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Degree

  • Head of Kitchen
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Restaurant Service and Customer Care Manager
  • Director of Food Production in Food Companies
  • Research in the Agrifood Sector and Food Industry
  • Gastronomic Consultant
  • Communication Manager

Career opportunities with the Degree