Fees, grants and scholarships

Official Degree

Graduate in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts


240 ECTS

4 years


Donostia - San Sebastián (Basque Culinary Center)

Class size

100 places


Spanish, English



PDF Catalogue


The cost for year 2019/2020 is 9.200€. ( paid in 10 monthly installments from September to June).

The cost includes:

  • Didactic Material
  • Working clothes
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Personal locker
  • Attendance at conferences and extracurricular seminars organised within the faculty
  • Learning journeys
  • Management of curricular and extracurricular practical work


Grants and Scholarships

Students of the Basque Culinary Centre can apply for the following types of funding:

Basque Culinary Center Fundation Grants

The Grants Commission for study from the Basque Culinary Center Foundation, taken out of its own funds, awards economic funding to cover 50% of the course fees for up to 50% of the students with legal residence in Spanish territory for the academic year 2019/2020.

Official Grants/ Open Competitions

Official grants: Basque Culinary Center Foundation grants are compatible with other grants or public funding as long as they are available and there is no over-financing.

Students with habitual residence in any autonomous community within the Basque Country can apply for grants and financial support to do university courses from the Ministry of education. Students with Spanish nationality who live abroad may also apply for these grants.
Students with habitual residence in the Basque Country must apply for grants to the Basque government.



The Basque Culinary Center Foundation is committed to helping students find a job compatible with their studies in order to be able to pay their course fees, regardless of whether they are on a grant.