International Days 2017 - Mondragon University


International Days 2017 - Mondragon University


International Days 2017 - Mondragon University

Mondragon University organises today and tomorrow the International Days event.



Mondragon University organises today and tomorrow the International Days event, which will bring together representatives of 20 universities from 10 different countries at the Polytechnic School of Mondragon University and aims to establish an of exchange experiences on the international mobility of students to complete their training, as well as the faculty, to intensify their research.

The event will be held at the Arrasate campus of the Higher Polytechnic School of Mondragon University, with a programme that contemplates, in addition to the visit to this School, visits to the Schools of Humanities and Educational Sciences and the School of Business.

Representatives and universities from Colombia, France, Finland, Lithuania, Turkey, Czech Republic, Belgium, Greece, El Salvador, etc. will be attending the conference, which has been opened today, in the presence of the Rector of the University, Vicente Atxa, the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Jon Altuna, and the Head of International Affairs, Modesto Mateos.

The event will also serve to publicise MONDRAGON Corporation and Mondragon University from an educational standpoint, the university-business relationship, research, cooperation, etc.


International mobility

The international mobility of students and teachers is becoming more common. In fact, this academic year, Mondragon University has 776 students in outcoming countries through the Erasmus programme and other programmes outside the European Union. On the other hand, 311 students from other countries are studying at Mondragon University, either coming from other European universities through Erasmus programme or from other universities from outside the European Union (128 incoming students), as well as those that have been transferred to the university from other countries, to complete their studies, including both undergraduate degrees or Master’s degrees (183 international students).