Entry requirements

Official Degree

Engineering Graduate in Industrial Design and Product Development


240 ECTS

4 years



Class size

70 places


Spanish, Basque, English



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Requirements to study Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development

To exercise this profession, it is advisable for you to identify with the following statements before you decide to study it:



I consider myself a restless person who likes to investigate, find new ways of solving problems, take risks, make innovative proposals…


I am curious about the composition and parts of products, the materials they contain and how they are produced.


I like to know how things work, new movements, putting together and taking apart, trying out, stripping down…



I know how to manage a work team and collaborate to reach a shared objective. In addition, I'm not scared of having to lead it.


I am concerned about the environment and the wellbeing of people and I would like to support the transformation of industrial activity in order to take care of them.


I like to analyse what people do and propose solutions for any problems they may have.



I like to find out more about people's tastes, desires, concerns and needs in order to propose new solutions that bring improvements to their quality of life.


"Can you see yourself? then the degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development is a good decision."


There are two ways you can access this degree

After having completed Baccalaureate or Higher Level Vocational Training.

You have studied Baccalaureate

It is recommended that you have studied the Baccalaureate in Science. It is important that you have studied Physics and Mathematics, as well as Technical Drawing, Technology and Chemistry.

You have studied Higher Level Vocational Training

We recommend having studied relevant Higher Level Training Cycles such as Design in Mechanical Manufacturing, Industrial Mechatronics and Production Programming in Mechanical Manufacturing.

Here you can see the Regulatory Framework of the credit recognition and transfer system.



General entry requirements


Grades and entrance tests


Admission process



Registration and enrolment


70 Places (all campuses)


Degree Subjects

  • Design Methodology
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Material Elasticity and Resistance
  • Artistic Expression
  • Usability
  • Environmental Aspectss
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Computer Assisted Design
  • Design Project Management

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Linguistic requirements

In accordance with the linguistic policy of the Faculty of Engineering responsible for the development of the courses, it has been foreseen that students will take around 60% of the credits in Basque, around 20% in Spanish and around 20% in English.

Therefore, it is desirable that before enrolling you have previously acquired the language skills detailed below:

Language Reads Speaks Writes
Basque C1 C1 C1
Spanish C1 C1 C1
English B2 B1 B2