Teaching-learning process

Official Degree

Engineering Graduate in Industrial Design and Product Development


240 ECTS

4 years



Class size

70 places


Spanish, Basque, English



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From the very first year, you will acquire the necessary knowledge through carrying out projects. Thanks to the PBL model you will get to know the reality of the work that you will have to do as a professional in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development and you will develop the basic skills sought the leading companies in the sector.

You will learn based on solving challenges such as designing products, developing packaging elements and creating a brand for different types of products. For example, in the “Innovation in Glass” project proposed by the Vidrala company, a premium kit was designed for presenting a new type of whisky, a mixture of traditional whisky and water.

The innovative design proposal incorporated measuring markers for mixing the two liquids. In addition, a special kind of geometry was used so that the glass of water looked like a block of ice. The project was entered for the 2nd MasterGlass Design Contest, organised by the Vidrala company.

Another interesting example is that of the style design project for the development of aluminium alloy wheel rims for the SEAT CUPRA. This was the winning project in the PBLDay 2020 in which, following the technical specifications from the MAPSA company (manufacturer of aluminium alloy wheel rims), a wheel rim was designed for the SEAT LEON model. The project was carried out in line with the brand image and taking into account the design restrictions for its manufacture.


Finally, we have two projects. The first one is carried out by second year students and is based on the design of a JomaBox Unifamiliar smart mailbox system for the company JOMA. The second is based on identifying an opportunity in a given context, in this case, water. Analyzing the user's needs and thus designing an eco-innovative product. This project was carried out by third year students.

Advantages of project-based learning


You will be capable of analysing information and learning in order to solve problems.


You will carry out real projects and you will help companies to address their challenges.


Project Manager

You will have help from professionals who will assist you in addressing the challenge or problem.


You will gain the highest level of knowledge and you will know how to apply it to real projects.



Thus, once you have completed your degree, you will have become a creative, responsible and independent person with the skills necessary for working in a team. Learning that will train you to find the most appropriate solution to the problems that may arise in your job and with which you will learn to:


512x262ENDIKA VALLE HORTELANO - Former student of Industriak Design Engineering and Product Development

My experience on the degree has been completely positive right from the start. For a start, I would highlight the theory and the organisation of the projects. Being able to make use of all the knowledge acquired over six months in a real project and for each group to get on and get organised on their own is very appropriate, both for learning and looking ahead to the future. I would also add the importance of the presentations because you learn to express yourself in public. Not forgetting everything that team work does, in the same way as the multidisciplinary groups that we see today in companies.


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