Dual programme

Official Degree

Engineering Graduate in Industrial Design and Product Development


240 ECTS

4 years



Class size

70 places


Spanish, Basque, English



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The End-of-Course/End-of-Master’s Project (TFG/TFM) at the Higher Polytechnic School (EPS) of Mondragón Unibertsitatea (MU) has several objectives:

On the one hand, it plays a very important role in the training process of EPS engineers, as the satisfactory execution of a project with characteristics that are appropriate to the future professional profile aims to help the student expected to have their first supervised experience professional as an engineer.

The academic engineering plans at EPS were designed so that students can alternate between study and work throughout their training process. Thanks to this, most of our students have close contact with the company throughout their training. Nevertheless, the TFG/TFM aims to establish a student-company relationship that is appropriate to the characteristics of the professional profile, that is, it aims to show the student what the engineering work consists of.






512x262Iratxe Arbulo Ramos

End-of-Course Project: "Hammer R&D&I" // Corporación Patricio Echevarría S.A. (Legazpi)  

Corporación Patricio Echeverría is one of the most reputable companies in the construction, agriculture and gardening sectors. During my studies I took part in this project, the aim of which was to reinforce the creation and development of new hammer handle designs to offer alternatives to current tools, reducing costs but maintaining the basic values such as resistance, durability, precision, ergonomics, manageability and design. This project helped me to increase my knowledge of new materials, develop competitive concepts and find out more about the industrialisation phase of new products.


512x262Iván González Alonso

End-of-Course Project: "Analysis and development of concepts for modernisation" // MU-DBZ - Department of Design

While I was studying the degree I took part in a research project carried out by Orona. The work was focused on analysing, identifying opportunities for improvement and developing innovative concepts to support modernisation through the Orona brand values. It was a very positive experience, in which I was able to enjoy myself, put my knowledge into practice and, above all, learn. I am currently part of the work team with another similar project, while I am studying a postgraduate course.