Official Degree

Engineering Graduate in Industrial Design and Product Development


240 ECTS

4 years



Class size

70 places


Spanish, Basque, English



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Campus installations

The Higher Polytechnic School of Mondragon Unibertsitatea is responsible for administration of the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development that is taught in Arrasate-Mondragón.

Mondragón Campus

You can study the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development in Arrasate-Mondragón where our installations are distributed between 3 buildings that are very close to one another. At the Iturripe centre, as well as the installations necessary for your training (classrooms, library, laboratories, workshops…) you will find the sports facilities, cafe and several multi-purpose rooms. In addition, very nearby, we have the Uribarri Centre and the Garaia Centre, located in the Innovation Area with the same name, which is equipped with cutting-edge laboratories in which you will do some of your work placements.



The best-equipped laboratories and workshops

Both during the degree and the work placements, you will have various laboratories at your disposal. In them you will be able to investigate, experiment and carry out projects. In addition, you will have material available for support for the POPBLs each semester.

In this way, you will apply what you have learned to real environments and you will develop skills in producing physical models as well as learning to be a clean and tidy person in your work station, something that is valued by companies.

The laboratories available in the Diseinu Berrikuntza Zentrua, DBZ of the university are as follows:

Modelling, painting and finishing workshop

The workshop is equipped with specific machinery for cutting, perforating and moulding materials such as expanded polyurethane and wood. It also has a thermoforming machine and other equipment for cutting and aesthetic finishing of different materials.



Image capture and processing laboratories

This is a laboratory where you will be able to photograph you models with a neutral background for capturing quality images. Furthermore you will be able to process these photographs with different software and use Bamboo, Intuos and Cintiq graphics tablets to draw and colour renders directly in digital format. And if you want to do some field work, you will be able to use the portable photographic and video cameras.



Quick prototyping laboratory

You will have access to the latest 3D printing technology (with ABS material) to create prototypes of virtual models, so that you will be able to obtain the physical model in a question of hours and check that the dimensions and shapes are those that you were aiming to represent. Furthermore, the laboratory has a 3D scanner with which you will be able to carry out reverse engineering.


Specific software for industrial design

You will learn to use different tools for design, among them the specific software for 2D modelling, 3D modelling, rendering and detail and parametric design.

Perception and interaction laboratory (U-Lab)

This laboratory is designed to be able to analyse products from the point of view of perception or interaction with the user. To do this, it has equipment such as Eye Tracking, FaceReader and Dry Egg which help to analyse the reactions of people to different stimuli based on eye movement, facial expressions or brain stimuli.



Space for co-creation

This is a diaphanous space where creativity and co-creation sessions are carried out in order to identify opportunities and innovative solutions. There are audiovisual media and office supplies required to be able to embody the challenges and the process visually and contextually.



Live University life

At the University of Mondragon in general, and on the different campuses of the Higher Polytechnic School, life is lived among the latest sportsculture and entertainment facilities. The university is also very involved with the community and students organise a growing number of activities aimed at society as a whole: trade fairs, magazine, contests, Literature Week, etc.

We also organise PBL Day every year, a day when all the projects developed during the academic year are exhibited and the best one wins a prize of €1000. And you will be able to take part in the NiZuGu Mugituz conference at which we find ways to train you in sustainable development, equality and values.

All these activities also form an integral part of the educational programme and their purpose is to improve quality of life for our students. At Mondragon Unibertsitatea you also learn how to live.



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