Objectives and competences

Official Degree

Master Degree in Strategic Design of Products and Services


120 ECTS

2 years



Class size

40 places


Spanish, English



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Objectives and Competences

The aim of this Masters degree is to train professionals to be specialists in promoting and generating new products and services by way of strategic design, using the discipline of design as an innovation tool for the development of new products and services. This Masters degree will enable students to:

  • Define a product and service strategy more appropriate to the business context, taking into account market opportunities and needs of society.
  • Identify the various users' current and future needs in order to define specifications of new products and services.
  • Propose solutions that are both creative and sustainable (socially, environmentally and economically) in the form of innovative products and services that conform to the business strategy.
  • Select technologies, processes and materials, both existing and emerging, that provide value to proposed products and services, always considering their economic viability.
  • Prototype and test product and service solutions with users and other stakeholders involved in the value chain.
  • Define strategies for launching new products and services according to their place in the market.

In addition, this Masters degree provides a level of knowledge equivalent to level 3 of MECES (Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education.

You will develop a professional profile recognised at the international level and have the basis to be a:

UX Designer

A UX designer prepares products and services that generate meaningful and relevant experiences for users. Their work encompasses the design of the entire product acquisition and use process, including aspects of usability, functionality, and brand.

Service Designer

A service designer is a professional specialising in the design of services. From a holistic view, they design the experiences of service users and plan service operations and the systems that support them. These include all people involved in the service, their interactions, the environment, materials and the technological infrastructure where it is produced.

Product Designer

A Product designer is a professional specialising in the design of industrial products that are manufactured in series. They ensure that the product meets the needs and objectives of the user, certifying the technological feasibility and viability from a business standpoint.

Strategic Designer

A strategic designer applies the principles of people-centred design to visualise future-oriented product and service solutions that increase competitiveness and innovation in organisations. They participate in the early processes of innovation, helping in decision making at a high level and directing the efforts of organisations. They participate in the early processes of innovation, helping in decision making at a high level and directing the efforts of organisations.

Strategic Marketing Manager

A strategic marketing manager is responsible for aligning the various marketing elements of an organisation so that they share a common goal. They apply design tools to know what elements need to be enhanced and how they translate into different interactions with customers. They ensure that this vision is applied in a homogeneous manner in all the interactions and channels of the organisation with the customer.

Design researcher at universities or R&D centres

Design researcher at universities or R&D centres A design researcher at universities or R&D centres is dedicated to carrying out research projects aimed at the search for new knowledge or new applications in design. The researcher generates knowledge that other designers can apply through the practice of design in real projects.


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