Strategic Design of Products and Services

Official Degree

Master Degree in Strategic Design of Products and Services


120 ECTS

2 years



Class size

40 places


Spanish, English



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Colaboramos estrechamente con empresas

The main objective of the Master’s degree is to train professionals capable of designing new products and services focused on the user.

The Master’s Degree in strategic design is one of the pioneers at the state level. Under the philosophy of people-cantered design, we work from the global standpoint of design, deepening aspects such as user experience and service design, so that the design work has a greater impact on people and the company.

You will develop a professional profile recognised at the international level. Through practical training, you will acquire current design competencies, emphasising the strategic phase that precedes the development of new products and services.

Aimed at Graduates in Industrial Design and the equivalents, as well as university graduates with official education linked to the field of engineering and architecture.


Informative sessions

We open the doors of the university and we hope to tell you, in detail, the degree and its career opportunities.

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Since 2010, we are a pioneering Master’s Programme

We offer you a Dual Itinerary. You will be able to combine study and work during the first year

During the second course you can make up to 10 months of paid internships in referent companies

Our unemployment rate is 0.0% and 100% of our promotions have jobs related to the degree

Work while you study

SCHOLARSHIPS Work while you study

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Design Sprints, projects and workshops with companies

PROJECTS Design Sprints, projects and workshops with companies

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Get to know our methodology in desing

OWN METHODOLOGY Get to know our methodology in desing

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"We train designers who are capable of transforming companies"


Career opportunities

The skills acquired in the Masters degree will allow students to assume the following responsibilities:

  • UX designer
  • Service designer
  • Product designer
  • Consultant in strategic design
  • Head of strategic marketing
  • Researcher at R+D+i centres

Jornadas Design Pills: proyectos profesionales de antiguos estudiantes del máster

A lo largo del año la universidad organiza varias jornadas Design Pills donde antiguos estudiantes del máster en Diseño Estratégico se convierten en protagonistas. ¿Qué proyectos profesionales tienen entre manos? ¿Qué hacen? ¿Cómo han llegado hasta aquí?

En la jornada de febrero de 2021 Marta compartió su trayectoria en las empresas Alfa Hogar y Opinno y presentó también el proyecto Taller de Ideas que tiene actualmente entre manos. Xabi, en cambio, expuso el trabajo que realiza en la empresa Medirect y también compartió el proyecto de emprendizaje que está desarrollando en paralelo. Si quieres ver el programa completo también está disponible aquí.