Teaching-learning process

Official Degree

Master Degree in International Business Management (MIO)



1,5 years




Spanish, English



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Real project-based learning in the Master’s Degree in Internationalisation of Organisations

Throughout the Master’s Degree in Internationalisation of Organisations, in addition to the lectures, you will be faced with practical challenges in real-life environments, which you will be required to solve alongside your work team. In this way, and with the help of expert professionals, you must, for example, develop and implement a viable strategy to launch a product to the international market or define the best market to enter for a company. 

Thanks to the challenges posed by real companies that you will have to address, you will receive practical training, ensuring the assimilation of the necessary knowledge to exercise your future profession and allowing you to learn about the reality of entities such as Aernnova and Eroski. 
In addition to the lectures and practices, you will have the opportunity to attend seminars, workshops, conferences and masterclasses taught by experts from outside the university, which will provide you with new methodologies and points of view on the subject and enrich your training.


Advantages of challenge-based learning

Be the leader of your learning

You will develop the ability to analyse, synthesise and assimilate the knowledge, tools and skills necessary to solve challenges.

100% real-life projects

You will work hand in hand with companies from different sectors, which will allow you to know the reality of your future profession from different points of view.


Project Manager

You will have the support of professionals, both from the business world and from the teaching staff, who will help and guide you in the development of the challenges / projects.

We get results

You will receive the highest level of knowledge about international markets and business, but we want you to also know how to apply them to real-life challenges.