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Official Degree

Master Degree in International Business Management (MIO)



1,5 years




Spanish, English



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Admission profile

Students who meet any of the conditions below may be admitted to the Master's degree in Internationalisation of organisations.

  1. To be admitted into the official Master's programme, the applicant must have an official Spanish university degree or a degree issued by an institution of higher education in another member country of the European Higher Education Area authorised by it for access to Master's programmes.
  2. Likewise, applicants with degrees issued in educational systems outside the European Higher Education Area may participate in the programme without having to homologate their degrees upon verification by the University that the applicant has an equivalent level of education as provided by a corresponding official Spanish university degree and they authorise access to postgraduate studies in the issuing country. Entering the programme under these terms in no way implies the homologation of the previous degree held by the applicant or recognition of it for any purpose other than participating in the Master's programme.
  3. In order to access an official Master's degree, you must have an official title in English (B2 - First Certificate or equivalent), or demonstrate an equivalent level.

 Preferred admittance is given to students with degrees in the fields of Business Administration and Economics.