Fees, grants and scholarships

Official Degree

Master Degree in International Business Management (MIO)



1,5 years




Spanish, English



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  • Number of credits: 90 ECTS
  • Anticipated annual amount 2020-21: 12.000€

(The Governing Board will update the amount at the start of the academic year).

First year: 8.000 euros / Second year: 4.000 euros

  • 40% Upon Enrollment
  • 30% in December
  • 30% In April


At Mondragon University we make sure no-one stops studying due to financial reasons. For this purpose, we have various options to access official grants, as well as our own grants - BEKABIDE Programme.

To ensure financial difficulties do not represent an obstacle to studying at our university. That is the objective of BEKABIDE. Through this program, we study the financial circumstances of the student's family, in order to adapt the corresponding payments to each course and, if necessary, to help obtain and process a grant. The following grants are available:

Official grants

Open Competitions

Official grants: Enrolment, Educational Material, Moving Allowance, Accommodation, Compensatory, Transport, Cooperation (for 4th year students).

Grants from the University

  • Grants for large families.
  • Grants for families with a disabled member.
  • Grants for single-parent families.
  • Grants for obtaining distinctions in Baccalaureate.

Erasmus Grants

  • Grants for studying abroad.
  • Complementary grants for mobility.

Grants Managed by the university

  • Grants for collaboration in university departments.
  • Range of grants for final project.
  • Alecop
  • Combining study and work.


Your studies should not be a financial burden for your family: BEKABIDE

Call us or send us an email. We will be pleased to help you.