Objectives and competences

Official Degree

Master Degree in International Business Management (MIO)



1,5 years




Spanish, English



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Objectives and Competencies

"You will experience first-hand the internationalisation and cultural adaptation of companies to new markets"

Why this programme?

This world of rapid and constant changes presents an unprecedented opportunity for business managers. Now more than ever, the global market needs high performance managers who can lead these changes and transform organisations towards their global competitiveness. 

Companies are no longer looking for a department that is aimed at international. They require a global strategy that allows them to direct all actions towards a global, borderless market, positioning themselves as international organisations – and you will be the person capable of leading and contributing to that strategy.

In the Master’s degree in Internationalisation of Organisations, you will join a transformative project in which you will be pouring your talent into your passion. You will be trained to design, develop, manage and implement international strategies that allow companies to be competitive in a global market. 

This Master’s degree stimulates strategic skills to promote disruptive innovation in organisations through experiential and practical methodologies, close to the global business reality. Do you want to be the transformative leader who can design and build your international career with social and sustainable impact?



International markets

You will know the keys to understanding how international markets work to design efficient internationalisation strategies.

Detection of opportunities

You will be equipped with the tools and skills necessary to detect global needs and turn them into business opportunities.

Market analysis

You will acquire the skill to identify, analyse and evaluate public information to carry out useful and accurate market research.


Communication skills

You will be equipped with the tools and skills necessary to communicate effectively both internally and externally.


You will learn to be self-taught so that you can learn, design, manage and execute tasks autonomously.

Continuous learning

The world is advancing by leaps and bounds, and you should be able to assimilate these changes very quickly to be always at the forefront.


Requirements to study Internationalisation of Organisations:

  •   I am passionate about the business world
  •   I want to work in multidisciplinary teams
  •   I like to travel and learn about other cultures

  •   I am a curious and dynamic person
  •   I have leadership skills
  •   I am a creative person
  •   I have a transformative mindset

Do you identify with these statements? If the answer is yes, this Master’s degree may be the ideal option to develop your professional future. 


Requirements for access to Internationalisation of Organisations


Subjects in Internationalisation of Organisations

  • Internationalisation Strategy
  • Forms of Entry into Foreign Markets
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Global Supply Chain
  • People Management
  • Market Selection

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Master’s degree job opportunities del Máster

  • Export Manager
  • Commercial delegation and/or production plant manager
  • Middle management in delegations or external plants of internationalised companies
  • Work in delegations or commercial offices of embassies and public organisations
  • Research project manager
  • Professional consulting in the field of internationalisation of organisations
  • Import and export management
  • Purchasing manager
  • People manager
  • Persons to be appointed to a job in a foreign affiliate
  • International sales management

Professional opportunities of the Master’s degree