International Business Management

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Master Degree in International Business Management (MIO)



1,5 years




Spanish, English



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Develop your professional career in the field of international management
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"You will help companies to expand worldwide and open new international markets"

We live in a globalised world, and companies are no strangers to this scenario. In order to continue growing and being competitive, they need to open new international markets or install new offices in other countries. To do this, they need agile professionals who can evolve judiciously, quickly and efficiently in these highly competitive and changing global environments. 

That will be precisely your job when you finish the Master’s degree in Internationalisation of Organisations. You will help companies to expand worldwide. You will be able to manage and lead work teams and organisations in an international environment, develop projects in other countries, and find new market opportunities. 

In addition, during the Master’s programme, you will have the opportunity to carry out internships in a company, which will allow you to travel to another country and put into practice everything you have learnt during the programme In this way, you will learn in real environments, acquiring experience before completing the Master’s degree. 



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Over 600 paid hours of work in international management

You will carry out workshops in companies

You will be able to do your internship in another country

You will solve real challenges in international companies

About the Master´s

STATEMENT About the Master´s

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COLLABORATION In Collaboration With Mondragon International

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"International experience is essential"


Subjects in Internationalisation of Organisations

  • Internationalisation Strategy
  • Forms of Entry into Foreign Markets
  • Sales and Marketing Management
  • Global Supply Chain
  • People Management
  • Market Selection

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Master’s degree job opportunities

  • Commercial delegation and/or production plant manager.
  • Middle management in delegations or external plants of internationalised companies.
  • Work in delegations or commercial offices of embassies and public organisations. 
  • Research project manager.
  • Professional consulting in the field of internationalisation of organisations.
  • Exports or geographic area manager. 
  • Import and export management.
  • Purchasing manager.
  • Persons to be appointed to a job in a foreign affiliate.
  • International sales management.

Professional opportunities of the Master’s degree