Research process

Doctoral Programme

PhD Programme in Advanced Management in Organizations and Social Economy


Full-time: 3 years (possibility of extending in 2 years).

Part-time: 5 years (possibility of extending in 3 years).




Spanish, Basque, English



Class Size

7 places

Research Model

The research model of Mondragon University and therefore of Enpresagintza, is based on a future vision of the the needs of society, clearly oriented towards the development of the knowledge society, but at the same time with a firm commitment to apply the knowledge generated, and to help companies and organisations.

The accomplishment of these main lines of research requires us to identify, predict, determine and consequently to commit to those topics that in the near future will be needed by the business world and organisations within it. To do this, the faculty interprets the concept of research as Collaborative Research and Transfer (Collaborative R & T), which clearly reflects the relationship between the research carried out by the university, and the applicability of knowledge generated in the business world.

This model of Collaborative R & T is seen by business groups and organisations as an effective extension of their own limited and insufficient R&D capacities to turn this into the following sustainable cycle:

  • Identify (look for opportunities, and prioritise),
  • Research (generate and/or master understanding),
  • Innovate (select, specify, implement),
  • Industrialize (optimise, market).

This alignment leads to the creation of a critical mass of research activity necessary for the development of excellent research, as well as bringing together university and business. These are keys for dynamic and innovative training, and preparing future researchers for companies, technological centres and the university itself.