Mobility programmes

Doctoral Programme

PhD Programme in Advanced Management in Organizations and Social Economy


Full-time: 3 years (possibility of extending in 2 years).

Part-time: 5 years (possibility of extending in 3 years).




Spanish, Basque, English



Class Size

7 places

Mobility Data

The international training of students, including doctoral students, is one of the lines of work included in the 2013-2017 Strategic Plan of Mondragon University's Business Faculty. The international relations department works together with those responsible for the doctorate programme to promote stays at universities or specialised research centres in the area.

Mondragón University's educational model promotes the mobility of its students through collaboration and signing of agreements with other universities and national or international institutions and through participation in specialised research networks.

Participation in these exchange programmes has a high educational value, enabling our students to participate with, and experience working methods in other centres of research, and deepen their specialist knowledge in the field of research. Finally, it helps students to perfect their knowledge of foreign languages.

For these reasons, the CAPD, using the guidelines and recommendations of Mondragon University's educational model, and in accordance with the lines of work included in the Business Faculty's Strategic Plan, promotes, encourages and strives to ensure that as many students as possible can do stays elsewhere.

This is not a requirement, but advisable for all students, and done preferably in the second semester of the second year for full-time students, and in the first semester of the fourth year for part-time students.


Mobility of the Students Themselves

The mobility of the students is channelled through the “Atzerrian Ikasi”: foreign study programme.

This programme run by Mondragon University's Faculty of Business Sciences aims to improve the quality of education and strengthen its international dimension, promoting mobility and the academic recognition of studies and qualifications of the study periods completed abroad.

The students can carry out stays in national and foreign universities given the fulfilment of certain language and academic requirements. The duration of stays will be a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 1 year.

The process of candidate selections for students participating in the “Atzerrian Ikasi” programme is owned by the CAPD. Once the academic and language requirements and verified language required by the Faculty have been verified, and following a report from the Thesis Director, the CAPD will approve the carrying out of the stay in a national or international reference centre. The research reference centre will be selected according to the student's area of study. The student will receive advice from his or her Director in the choice of the centre of reference.

Before leaving for the destination country the student will sign a contract with Mondragón Unibertsitatea (the contract is between the student and the university) which sets out the conditions of the stay, other administrative requirements and insurance.

The stay in the host university will be supervised by the Thesis Director and will also call on a specialist supervisor in the host university. On return, the student must submit to the CAPD the following documents:

  • Supporting document of the stay issued by the host university.
  • Assessment report by the supervisor of the host university.
  • Document that includes the deployment of the work done.

The international relations department will provide information to students about grants for the mobility of doctoral students that are available to both public and private institutions.

In the case of the part-time students, the greatest possible flexibility is offered so that these students can make stays in foreign universities in holiday periods, vacations etc.


Hosting students

Mondragon Unibertsitatea's Business Faculty opens up its doors to all foreign students who wish to participate in the training that is offered, placing at their disposal a range of services and hosting structure, so that their stay can be as profitable as possible. In the case of doctoral students, services and structures are also offered for doing research stays.

It supports finding suitable accommodation, Basque and Spanish language courses for foreign students in exchange programmes, and extra-curricular sporting and cultural activities that help students fit into life in our region, in addition to the infrastructure of each faculty which provides a suitable environment for their studies (library, access to computers, etc.).

Students interested in studying in Mondragon University must meet certain administrative formalities, which differ according to the student's country of origin. These formalities relate to getting a visa in advance, residence cards, medical insurance, certificate of solvency, and accident and liability insurance.

Foreign students must also prove their membership and enrolment in a collaborating university, their academic record, and must provide a letter of recommendation from the university or research centre of origin.

The CAPD will work together with the student to design a work plan and courses appropriate to the subject of the thesis being done. The student can take subjects related to the subject of study, and can participate in research projects carried out in the faculty.


Relationship Agreements

Enpresagintza has agreements with the following universities where our students can carry out their stay: