Objectives and competences

Doctoral Programme

PhD Programme in Advanced Management in Organizations and Social Economy


Full-time: 3 years (possibility of extending in 2 years).

Part-time: 5 years (possibility of extending in 3 years).




Spanish, Basque, English



Class Size

7 places


The competences that students must acquire in doing the thesis will ensure the acquisition of abilities and skills regulated by the following frameworks:

  • Basic competences established by Royal Decree 99/2011 of 28 Jan 2011.
  • Abilities and skills established by Royal Decree 99/2011 of 28 Jan 2011.

Basic competences established by Royal Decree 99/2011 of 28 Jan 2011.

  1. Systematic understanding of the area of knowledge and command of the research skills and methods related to this area.
  2. Capacity to conceive, design or create, put into practice and adopt a substantial process of research or creation.
  3. Capacity to contribute to the enlargement of the frontiers of knowledge through original research.
  4. Capacity to carry out critical analysis and evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas.
  5. Communication capacity within the academic and scientific community and with society in general about their areas of knowledge, using the modes and languages in common use within the international scientific community.
  6. Capacity to promote, within academic and professional contexts, scientific, technological, social, cultural or artistic progress within a knowledge-based society.

Abilities and skills established by the Royal Decree 99/2011 of 28 Jan 2011.

  1.  Act in contexts in which there is little specific information.
  2. Find the key questions that must be addressed to solve a complex problem.
  3. Design, create, develop and undertake innovative projects within their area of knowledge.
  4. Work both in teams and autonomously in an international or multidisciplinary context.
  5. Integrate knowledge, deal with complexity and make judgements on the basis of limited information.
  6. The critical and intellectual defence of solutions.