Doctoral Programme

PhD Programme in Advanced Management in Organizations and Social Economy


Full-time: 3 years (possibility of extending in 2 years).

Part-time: 5 years (possibility of extending in 3 years).




Spanish, Basque, English



Class Size

7 places

The Business School

Mondragon University. Enpresagintza is the legal entity of the Business Faculty integrated within Mondragon University.

Mondragon University is a university dedicated to initiative and social vocation. It is declared to be a public utility, and is a non-profit-making body.

Committed since inception to quality in education and the practical application of studies, we in Mondragon University attach great importance to the education of our students.

Our membership of the MONDRAGON corporation enables us to maintain a close proximity to the business world, enabling our students to maintain contact with the realities of work from the beginning of their studies.