Five different Labs

Students of the degree of Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development have the use of various laboratories throughout the degree course. In these laboratories students do practical work; and make use of material to support the Project oriented problem-based learning (POPBL) during the semesters. In this way, pupils better internalise mechanics and materials theories, develop skills in the realization of physical models and develop attitudes of order, cleanliness and safety necessary for any working environment.

The laboratories available in the Diseinu Berrikuntza Zentrua (DBZ) of the university consist of the following:


Workshop for models, painting and finishing

This workshop has the material and equipment necessary to make aesthetic and functional models.

It has an area for cutting and grinding of materials such as Polyurethane, DM, etc. In addition, it has a paint shop for manual painting or spray-painting of models and prototypes.

Space for creativity

Students can use various flexible workspaces which enable dynamic groups, with movable and configurable tables, blackboards and communication tools like panels...


Image capture and processsing laboratory

Laboratory with a stage-like space, with a neutral background, for the capture of quality images, so that pupils can photograph their models and process the images using specialist software. It also contains Bamboo, Intuos and Cintiq graphical tablets to draw, colour and render directly in digital format. Finally, in this laboratory there are also transportable cameras and video cameras for field studies.


Rapid Prototypic Laboratory

This laboratory has a plotter that prints computer models in 3D (with ABS material). It means that once the product is described in 3D, you can obtain the physical representation in a matter of hours, and check that the dimensions and shape is as intended.


Specific Software for Industrial Design

Throughout the degree course, students learn to use different design tools. One of the most important resources is the specialist software for 2D layouts, 3D modelling, rendering and detailed parametric design. The software used in the current course (revised each year to remain up-to-date) is as follows: