Teaching-learning process

Official Degree

Graduate in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation


240 ECTS

4 years


Campus: Bidasoa, Bilbao, Oñati

Laboratories: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga; Berlin-Germany; Shanghai-China; Seoul-Corea; Puebla-Mexico, Querétaro-Mexico


Spanish, Basque, English



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The LEINN methodology is based on the development of skills and competences more than in the acquisition of knowledge. 


Finnish educational Model

The origin of the method is the Team Academy of Finland. Working with this entrepreneurship unit for over 15 years, we have developed a range of tools, including: Responsible self-management, Creativity, Communication skills Entrepreneur teams, Community values, and more. You will experience Finnish learning methods. You will use the Finnish method.


International Experience. You´ll travek to become a global citizen

All students will stay at the Team Academy of Finland for two months during the 1st year. In addition, students will travel to learn (learning journeys). In the second year this will be to the US and in the third year to an emerging country (China, India, Brazil, Mexico, or other).


Learning within a team

One of the main tools of learning is the team. Within the team you learn the degree skills and competences by using them in practice. The role of the teacher is more that of a team coach, as in a sports team, advising, questioning, passing on experience, monitoring performance, etc.


Real-Life enterprises

As a team, you will create your own company (Team Cooperative). The key to personal development and entrepreneurship is the constant interaction with the real world: creating a working company, working with real customers and with real projects. The students are the main players, creating, as a team, their own companies; the coach provides support and aids the process rather than direct it.


Passion and Enthusiasm, the student as the main player

You will discover that learning can be an exciting challenge. You will discover that learning can be a challenge full of passion. Our starting point is the passion and desire that students experience as they learn to deliver projects within a team, with the same passion that they put into their sporting or cultural teams.