Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation - LEINN

Official Degree

Graduate in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation


240 ECTS

4 years


Campus: Bidasoa, Bilbao, Oñati

Laboratories: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga; Berlin-Germany; Shanghai-China; Seoul-Corea; Puebla-Mexico, Querétaro-Mexico


Spanish, Basque, English



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Want to travel, to create a company and change the world at the same time? This is your career

As a graduate in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation from Mondragon University, you will be able to lead efficiently the creation of new companies and self-managing teams. You'll be ready to work in a global, multilingual world, thus contributing to the knowledge society whose competitive advantage is innovation.


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Turn your passion into reality

Develop real projects in your own company

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“Team based learning through creating international projects or businesses”



LEINN graduates are prepared for taking on professional situations related to entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Innovation manager (Open Innovation).
  • Coach for self managed teams.
  • New business promoter.
  • Business entrepreneur.
  • Global marketing and community 2.0 manager.
  • Events manager.

Graduates are prepared for working in companies specialised in the fields below:

  • Tech companies (social networks, web 2.0 businesses, eBanking, eMedia, eProcurement, eServices, eLogistics, eGovernment, eGaming, B2B and B2C).
  • Biotechnology companies (bio-healthcare, bio-agriculture).
  • Industrial companies (design, industrial marketing and services, business model innovation, technology).
  • Health care services companies.
  • Change management services companies (coaching, organisational learning).
  • Social companies: social services, immigration, environment or ecology, recycling, seniors, the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid, etc.