Entry profile

Official Degree

Graduate in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation


240 ECTS

4 years


Campus: Bidasoa, Bilbao, Oñati

Laboratories: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga; Berlin-Germany; Shanghai-China; Seoul-Corea; Puebla-Mexico, Querétaro-Mexico


Spanish, Basque, English



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Students who meet any of the conditions below may be admitted to the Entrepreneurial Leadership degree:

  • Have a secondary school degree LOGSE or equivalent and having passed the university entrance exams.
  • Have a Vocational Degree.
  • Have passed the exam "University entrance exam for those older than 25 years old”
  • Have an equivalent foreign degree from a secondary school or Vocational Training, according to the current legislation for homologation.

Students with the following will have priority admittance:

  • A Secondary Education Degree LOGSE in the modality as Science-Technical, Social Sciences and Health Sciences, and that have passed the University Entrance exams.
  • Also those students accredited in having passed one Vocational Training program in the following subjects :
    • Agriculture
    • Administration
    • Graphic design (Design and Publishing)
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Communication, Image and Sound (Audiovisual production, Radio and Performing arts)
    • Hospitality industry and tourism
    • Computer science
    • Personal image consultant

 Besides educational training in the official centres, we recommend students applying for admission to have the following characteristics:

  • Interest in a unique way of learning, with a focus on practical training
  • Motivated to learn about business management and its problems
  • Strong work ethic, creativity and common sense
  • People skills and teamwork
  • Oral and written communication in English