Entry requirments

Official Degree

Engineering Graduate in Eco-technology in Industrial Processes (Green Manufacturing)


240 ECTS

4 years


Galarreta (Orona Ideo)

Class size

40 places


Basque, Spanish, English



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Requirements for studying engineering in ecotechnology

Before enrolling in this degree, you should considering the following statements and check that you identify with them:



I have always liked technology and knowing how things are made.


I want to understand when and why titanium is used in implants or carbon fibre is used in vehicles.




DIY (do it yourself)

I like to know how things work and new movements, put things together and take them apart, thing things out, strip them down, etc.


I have no difficulty in studying subjects such as physics, chemistry or mathematics and i am good with numbers.


I like to create new things, experiment and innovate to get the most out of different objects.



I am good at teamwork. I like to share impressions and do my bit to achieve goals.


“If you believe that these statements correspond to your way of being, then the Degree in Engineering of Ecotechnology in Industrial Processes is the ideal option for you.”


There are two ways you can access this degree

After having completed Baccalaureate or Higher Level Vocational Training.

You have studied Baccalaureate

It is recommended that you have studied the Baccalaureate in Science. It is important that you have studied Physics and Mathematics, as well as Technical Drawing, Technology and Chemistry.

You have studied Higher Level Vocational Training

We recommend having studied relevant Higher Level Training Cycles such as Design in Mechanical Manufacturing, Industrial Mechatronics and Production Programming in Mechanical Manufacturing.

Here you can see the Regulatory Framework of the credit recognition and transfer system.



General entry requirements


Grades and entrance tests


Admission process



Registration and enrolment


40 Places (all campuses)



Degree Subjects

  • Materials science
  • Simulation of multiphysical processes
  • Environmental optimisation of processes
  • Lifecycle analysis
  • Electronics and instrumentation
  • Power generation systems
  • Treatment technologies

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Linguistic requirements

In accordance with the linguistic policy of the Higher Polytechnic School responsible for carrying out the teaching, students are expected to obtain around 60% of the credits in Basque, around 20% in Spanish and the remaining 20% in English.

Therefore, it is desirable that before enrolling that you have previously acquired the language skills listed below:

Language Reads Speaks Writes
Basque C1 C1 C1
Spanish C1 C1 C1
English B2 B1 B2