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Eco-technology in Industrial Processes Engineering

Official Degree

Engineering Graduate in Eco-technology in Industrial Processes


240 ECTS

4 years



Class size

40 places


Basque, Spanish, English



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Safety protocol and activity adaptation
“The commitment that I have with the environment I want to take to the industry”
Educational experiences
Extraordinary plan of 2 million euros for the financing of studies
“Manufacturing technologies is the DNA of any company”

This Engineering degree is designed to train professionals able to design, develop and innovate processes, materials and methods participating in multidisciplinary projects, which give technical, sustainable and efficient solutions to increase the productivity of processes and protect the environment, working in multilingual and multidisciplinary teams, taking decisions from a global and strategic perspective.


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Learn how to make any product

Direct access to the Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering

In this degree, you choose the material and you manufacture it

CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY In this degree, you choose the material and you manufacture it

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Live a professional experience while you study

EMPLOYMENT Live a professional experience while you study

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"We take the commitment to the environment to the industry "


Job oppotunities

They can mainly work on the following activities:

  • Responsible for the industrialization of new products.
  • Develop new and efficient production processes.
  • Technician for the environmental efficiency of processes.
  • Technician for new sustainable materials.
  • Responsible for environmental management.
  • Consultant for environmental improvements
  • Waste Manager
  • Manager of treatment plants and water treatment plants.
  • Procurement technician.