Work experience and projects

Official Degree

Bachelor's Degree in Audiovisual Communication.


240 ECTS

4 years



Class size

50 Places


Basque, Spanish and English



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Work experience and projects

Thanks to its close relationship with companies and institutions, Mondragon University is able to understand their needs, both in the field of research and in development projects. Therefore, during their degree studies, or towards their conclusion, students have the opportunity to do work placements and their thesis in companies, institutions, the university itself or abroad, and can participate directly in research projects.

Work placements in companies

As a complement to their training, during the third year of their degree, students will engage in work placements in audiovisual companies and institutions, an activity worth 12 ECTS credits. During these work placements, one tutor from the university and another from the company will closely follow the student’s activity. Work placements are compulsory, and pupils must comply with the work allocated by the company, but must also reflect on and discuss their experience. Tutors belonging to both the university and the company will guide the student during the work placements.


Fourth-year students must do a thesis, individually or as part of a group. The thesis is worth 18 ECTS credits. The work must meet the requirements of the company or institutions, and must be a detailed piece of research that can be defended before an examining committee. During the drafting of the thesis, the student will have the support of one tutor from the company and another from the faculty. To obtain their degree, students’ theses must first have been approved and accepted. In turn, in order to defend their thesis before an examining committee, students must first have passed all their degree subjects.

Collaborating Companies

Mondragon University collaborates with a large number of companies and institutions in order to offer students suitable work placements and thesis partners. These include:

Companies and Institutions Internet Portals Comunication Agencies Newspapers and Magazines
Garabide Hirinet Arteman Komunikazioa Goiena papera
Balenciaga S.A. Ahotsak AZK komunikazioa Noticias de Gipuzkoa
Arizmendi Uztarria   Uztarria
Sugar Factory Goiena Komunikazio Taldea