Audiovisual Communication

Official Degree

Bachelor's Degree in Audiovisual Communication.


240 ECTS

4 years



Class size

50 Places (15 DUAL mention)


Basque, Spanish and English



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You will develop your full creative potential by creating audiovisual content and managing attractive communicative projects.

We know how important communication is in today’s world and know that it changes at a dizzying pace. Therefore, after graduating, you will master the different tools and technologies that will allow you to carry out your work as a communicator in any medium or communication department.

Thus, you will be able work as a professional in the creation of audiovisual, graphic or written content for the digital world, television, film, radio or business. In addition, during the degree, we make a special effort to nurture your creative abilities because we believe that they are indispensable in a world in which it is increasingly easy to create a video, but not so easy to make that video connect with your audience and stand out for its technical and creative quality and its communicative work.

In this degree, you will choose between two tracks:

  1. Audiovisual creation.
  2. Digital communication. DUAL.

Open days

We open the doors of the university and we hope to tell you, in detail, the degree and its career opportunities.

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You will learn the Bachelor's Degree in Audiovisual Communication in an active way. Sing up for ComunicAction!

You will have sessions led by communication professionals and experts, with the most cutting-edge resources.

You will learn by working as a team, through projects and challenges.

You will do internships and projects at leading local and foreign organizations and companies of the sector.

"The degree provides you with the possibility of offering your services in a practical way, in the different areas of communication"


Job Opportunities

Once they have completed their degree in Audiovisual Communication, students can choose to continue with their studies, enter the labour market or set up their own company.

The profile for graduates with this degree is very varied:

  • Producer and manager of Audiovisual media.
  • Editor, graphic designer and Internet content manager.
  • Audiovisual production and post-production (image, sound, graphics, animation, etc.).
  • Corporate communication.
  • Audiovisual director, screenwriter and producer.
  • Editor, graphic designer and manager of both Internet content and other communications media.


Virtual visit of the Aretxabaleta campus in 360º  

Campus Virtual visit of the Aretxabaleta campus in 360º  

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