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Social gathering Bizikletan 2018·04·11

An adventurous couple tell us about the experiences lived with their dog traveling around world by bicycle.

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Mentoring sessions

Sociocultural Mentoring sessions 2018·03·22

Some students from Biteri, with the help of the Urgatzi Group, go as volunteers to a series of tutorial sessions to help other teenagers with support classes.

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Sociocultural Childcare 2018·03·21

Some students from the teaching grade put into practice what they study by looking after a group of kids at Arimazubi Ikastola.

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Mus tournament in Bilbao

Tournament Mus tournament in Bilbao 2018·03·17

Biteri Hall of Residence has been invited to a mus tournament at Miguel de Unamuno Mayor Residence Hall.

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M8 at Biteri

Sociocultural M8 at Biteri 2018·03·08

At Biteri, we follow the M8 movement, covering the residence with related messages.

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Sociocultural MerkaExperience 2018·03·03

Market night at Biteri; there was mostly second hand clothes, but suddenly some competency appeared…

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Blood donations

Donation Blood donations 2018·02·21

This week students and teachers of the campus have had the chance to donate their blood.

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Social gathering with SALHAKETA

Social gathering Social gathering with SALHAKETA 2018·02·20

Members of SALHAKETA came to Biteri on Tuesday and they talked about the current situation of the prisoners and their rights.

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Extracurricular activities

Socio-cultural Extracurricular activities 2018·02·16

The activities are going on at Biteri and the teams continue with their projects.

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Carnival at Biteri

Socio-cultural Carnival at Biteri 2018·02·13

It´s time to dress up. A dressing contest is set at Biteri to see who has the best costume.

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Snow in Arrasate

Weather Snow in Arrasate 2018·02·07

The University activated the action protocol in case of snowing and the classes have been cancelled, but the students at Biteri keep doing activities.

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Discussion session

Culture Discussion session 2018·02·07

The Council of Gipuzkoa have set a discussion session with some students about different ways of getting information.

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Drawing group

Living Drawing group 2018·02·07

Some talented students have decided to unleash their drawing skills

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Jornadas de Colegios Mayores

Encuentro Jornadas de Colegios Mayores 2018·02·01

125 representantes de los Colegios Mayores de España (entre ellos Biteri) celebran el 40 aniversario de sus Jornadas Nacionales junto con el 800 aniversario de la Universidad de Salamanca.

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Ski trip

Sport Ski trip 2018·01·27

A perfect skiing weekend in Astun.

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Volunteering Volunteering 2018·01·26

Volunteering at the San Juan de Dios psiquiatric centre

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Ping-pong tournament

Tournament Ping-pong tournament 2018·01·26

Students show their playing skills

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Firefighter school

Training session Firefighter school 2018·01·18

The emergency group had a training session at the firefighter school of Ordizia

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Stories that will make you think

Culture Stories that will make you think 2018·01·17

Lur katagorri has visited us at Biteri and she has let us enjoy her Tales of a wandering Cat

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The move of the Makers

Makers The move of the Makers 2018·01·12

The Makers community is growing up, there is more and more work to do, so we will need more space

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Psycho Killer

Living Psycho Killer 2018·01·10

We have started a new game so that all students at the housing have the opportunity to take part in it.

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Group projects Projects 2018·01·03

After finishing exams, in January it is time to start with group projects. At Biteri Hall of Residence we are willing to help as far as our students require.

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Christmas at Biteri

Living Christmas at Biteri 2017·12·18

Merry Christmas!

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Open day

Open day Open day 2017·12·16

The Biteri Hall of Residence opened its doors last Saturday.

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Makerspace Arrasate

Makers Makerspace Arrasate 2017·12·04

New name and projects

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Omelette contest

Contest Omelette contest 2017·11·29

Show of culinary skills

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Torneo de mus

TORNEOS Torneo de mus 2017·11·19

“Afortunado en el juego, desafortunado en el amor”, ¿quién se coronará campeón del torneo?

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CONVIVENCIA Bizilagunak 2017·11·19

Actividad intercultural que reúne familias extranjeras con la gente local para facilitar su integración

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TERTULIA Tertulia 2017·11·08

Sesión de tertulia y discusión sobre diversos temas como la drogodependencia o las relaciones interpersonales.

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Maker Faire Bilbao

FERIA Maker Faire Bilbao 2017·10·26

Los integrantes del joven grupo “Makers” muestran sus proyectos en esta multitudinaria feria.

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