Credit obtaining


The general aim is to promote the comprehensive integral education of the individual. Without overlooking the academic preparation of each student, it is clear that completing ones personal education in other fields is fundamental for present-day society, both for the individual and for the society itself. Nowadays, in addition to being a good professional, it is convenient to know how to work in a team, resolve conflicts, have the capacity to communicate appropriately, etc.

For all of this, when a student participates and organises different activities, he/she is working and developing transversal competences.

How do you obtain ECTS?

ECTS: Biteri proposes a follow-up system for the development of its resident students, through which they can obtain 1.5 ECTS credits

In addition, as provided for by law, students can participate in activities of a solidarity-, sociocultural- and sporting nature where they can obtain 1.5 ECTS credits.