Commissions are already underway

COMMISSIONS Commissions are already underway 2021·09·21

They have started to make their first meetings

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Circular economy workshop

WORKSHOP Circular economy workshop 2020·02·28

There has been an activity of the fortnight of values in the Hall of Residence

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Talk about masculinity

SPEECH Talk about masculinity 2019·11·06

This week came to give a speech Ritxar Bacete, an expert on gender and masculinity issues

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Talking about abortion

SOCIAL GATHERING Talking about abortion 2019·10·17

The first gathering of the course in Biteri has been made

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Sexology workshop

TALK Sexology workshop 2019·02·25

The biteritarras received training in sexology through a workshop given by Ana del Palacio.

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Talk about transsexuality

TALK Talk about transsexuality 2018·11·27

Errespetuz, the Basque association for the defense and integration of transsexual people, came to Biteri to voice its work.

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Talk about equality

TALK Talk about equality 2018·11·12

Piper Txuriak, the team of men in favour of equality, invited us to think over about sexism.

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New masculinities

TALK New masculinities 2018·11·05

Ritxar Bacete, an expert on gender and masculinity, gives a talk about the male role in the process of approaching equality.

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Talk about blood donations

TALK Talk about blood donations 2018·09·20

The Association of Blood Donors of Álava reminded us that donating blood is giving life.

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Social gathering ACABE 2018·04·23

The ACABE group offered a talk about anorexia and bulimia.

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Social gathering Bizikletan 2018·04·11

An adventurous couple tell us about the experiences lived with their dog traveling around world by bicycle.

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Social gathering with SALHAKETA

Social gathering Social gathering with SALHAKETA 2018·02·20

Members of SALHAKETA came to Biteri on Tuesday and they talked about the current situation of the prisoners and their rights.

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TERTULIA Tertulia 2017·11·08

Sesión de tertulia y discusión sobre diversos temas como la drogodependencia o las relaciones interpersonales.

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