Activities that we organize

The residence offers the opportunity to develop the person of the resident participating and having fun in what he/she likes. The student will have the opportunity to perform different activities through self-management. Therefore, it is thought that the only way to move from comfort zone to the learning area is confront new challenges and learn more about our limits.

According the 4 areas defined by the University and where you could develop credits (volunteering, socio-cultural, sport, health and student representation) the Hall of residence offers these:


It is a space that gives runway to any concerns the resident may have regarding the United World.

The Hall of residence collaborates with schools, health and integration for immigrants. If the student is fit to participate in any of these activities, in addition to open the mind to new realities and learn about different cultures student have the opportunity to develop a critical sense as he/she discovers the truth of things.

Christmas chocolate party

CHOCOLATE PARTY Christmas chocolate party 2023·12·20

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Foreign students at Biteri.

STUDENTS Foreign students at Biteri. 2023·09·21

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Self-care course

COURSE Self-care course 2023·09·21

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Dance, theatre, music, drawing, crafts and plenty of activities fostering the creativity of the person. That is what is expected from the activities that are collected in this area. It is hoped that the resident finds his/her site by developing and enjoying what he/she likes.

Talk about blood donations

TALK Talk about blood donations 2021·09·22

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Mus course

COURSE Mus course 2021·09·15

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Racquetball championship

CHAMPIONSHIP Racquetball championship 2021·03·24

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Sport and health

Sport is a constant in Biteri. In the Hall of residence it is possible to find sports from the more individualistic as running up to groups like football or basketball. Tellingthe truth, they all have some collective since even when the residents left training to prepare for a career as the Behobia-San Sebastian they do it in group. And the fellowship meal celebrated after the race should not be forgotten.

Starting the course in Biteri

EXCURSION Starting the course in Biteri 2022·09·12

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Visit to Gomiztegi

EXCURSION Visit to Gomiztegi 2022·05·30

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Talk: life in a boat

TALK Talk: life in a boat 2022·05·24

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Through meetings with experts on topics that have aroused the interest, the resident will be able to satisfy his/her curiosity and have the opportunity to enrich his/her knowledge. Of course, in addition to meeting interesting people.

The model of gatherings proposed is the following: the guest centers the subject in about 10-15 minutes and after defining the corresponding framework, the student and his/her classmates to build the future of it. The goal is to take advantage of all this.

Commissions are already underway

COMMISSIONS Commissions are already underway 2021·09·21

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Circular economy workshop

WORKSHOP Circular economy workshop 2020·02·28

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Talk about masculinity

SPEECH Talk about masculinity 2019·11·06

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